As a group we are heavily reliant on this small but regular income, which is as low as we can reasonably make it.  We don’t do any fund raising events and we do our best to subsidise all of our activities so as many young people as possible can participate.


Our anticipated expenditure includes:

•  Refreshments during meetings are free, some other groups run a tuck shop

•  Neckers, group and activity badges, challenge awards and special/commemorative badges are provided by the group.  We only charge the cost price to replace lost badges or neckers.

•  Resources for our weekly and planned programme of activities, such as food tasting, arts and crafts materials and garden bean canes are provided by the group.

•  Entrance and participation costs for district and Area events, such as the soapbox derby and first aid training, are covered by the group and activities where scouts represent our group, such as Gang Show, the group contributes to the registration cost.

•  All our nights away activities are subsidised so members only pay for the food offered and the accommodation rate charged by the venue.  All camping and cooking equipment, any transportation costs, and the cost of running activities, is provided by the group.

•  The annual census and membership insurance takes a significant bite out of our financial reserves every January. We subsidise it as much as possible when other groups pass on the full amount.  Over the last few years we have seen steep rises in the cost of membership from Scouting HQ which makes it so important for us to budget sensibly.

•  Perhaps most significantly, the Scout section is the most expensive to run and could easily swallow up more of the budget than Beavers and Cubs combined.  Our equipment, such as tents and cooking equipment, has to be of a very high standard for safety and practical reasons and even when well maintained will have a certain reasonable life span before needing to be replaced.


We wish to stress how extremely lucky we are to be generously sponsored and supported by All Saints Church, without whom we would need to find money to pay rent, utility bills and maintenance costs for our meeting hall. All they ask in return is that we attend a short family service once a month.  We do not believe that this is  unreasonable.


Outstanding Subs

We will contact those members and their parents/guardians to discuss the situation.  


Activities that would normally be subsidised from group funds will either be charged at the full unsubsidised cost or will not be available to scouts who owe two or more months of subs.


Repeated failure to pay outstanding subs will, regrettably, result in the member losing their place in the group.

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