Kit list:


v Complete uniform for arrival at camp; neckerchief to be worn at all times.

v T-shirts or similar loose, cool clothing.

v Trousers and/or shorts

v Spare underclothes and socks – clean on each day

v Warm sweaters, jumpers or sweatshirts. Scarf, hat and gloves

v Waterproof coat

v Sun hat, sun cream and sunglasses

v Sleeping bag plus foam roll/karrimat. Camp blanket for sitting around the camp fire

v Nightwear including slippers (if using indoor accommodation)

v Personal washing requirements and towel

v Torch and spare batteries – torches must not be packed in bags with the batteries installed

v Tea towel

v Teddy/mascot

v Polythene bag(s) for wet/dirty clothes



All beavers/cubs/scouts will need to bring their personal equipment and should be encouraged to pack their bags themselves. Rucksacks, sports bags and holdalls that can be carried on your back are recommended – suitcases are not suitable for use in tents. All items of clothing and equipment must be clearly labelled with the beaver/cub/scout’s name.


Medicine – If your child will need to have medicine administered while on camp or uses an inhaler or requires an over-the-counter type remedy, for example for an allergy or hay fever, please notify the leaders when you drop him off at camp. The medication must be given to the designated leader and not left with the cub/scout. Please ensure all bottles or packets are clearly marked with their name and with the necessary dosage/intervals. Please check expiry dates and that every bottle/packet contains sufficient medication to last the whole weekend.


Electronic devices – no cameras, mobile phones, handheld games or other electrical devices should be brought to camp. Beavers/Cubs/Scouts can bring books, comics or card games such as Top Trumps.


Money – there is a site shop that sells sweets and drinks and scouting items, but scouts are discouraged from bringing more than £5.


Meals/Snacks – The leaders will provide food, soft drinks and snacks all weekend; there is no need to bring additional snacks, sweets or drinks. Any such snacks encourage ants and bugs in the tents and will therefore be confiscated and returned on leaving camp on Sunday. Meals will be the usual camp fare and other packs, as part of the camp activities, may offer cubs the opportunity to prepare food such as pancakes or decorate biscuits. If your cub/scout has any additional or special dietary requirements or allergies please notify the leaders as soon as possible.


Water Pistols - there will not be a water fight.


Bad behaviour will not be tolerated on camp. In fairness to the other beavers/cubs/scouts any serious misbehaviour will result in the leaders contacting their parents and instructing them to collect their child from camp immediately.


Looking forward to a great camp.


The 7th Newport Scout Group leaders

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